warming & filling minimal, deep-tech, and house sound
Sebastian Klasen is a Southern German Electronic DJ who has been making waves in the local underground electronic music scene since 2011. With a passion for music from an early age, Sebastian started experimenting with different genres and sounds, which eventually led him to discover his love for minimal, deep-tech, and house music.
In 2011, Sebastian began his career as a DJ, starting with small gigs at local clubs, bars and parties. However, it wasn't long before he was noticed by bigger clubs and promoters, which led to him landing a all night long residency for two years at the legendary Schwarzer Adler Egelsee in Germany. This residency allowed him to hone his skills as a DJ and establish himself as a promoter and skilled Dj in the local club and event scene.
After his successful residency at Schwarzer Adler Egelsee, Sebastian went on to play at several other clubs, bars and events across Germany and beyond. One of his most notable residencies was at Club Dome in Lindau, where he played for one year and became a crowd favorite when it comes to minimal music. His ability to create a unique atmosphere on the dance floor earned him a loyal following and made him a popular figure in the underground club scene. Together with different local Djs he founded the collective Technoider Ungehorsam. On behalf of Technoider Ungehorsam he promoted and organized a lot of local parties and events.
Aside from his solo sets, Sebastian is also known for his b2b DJ sets with his best friend Anderst. Together, they create an electrifying energy on the dance floor, taking the crowd on a journey through their unique sound. In 2023 Anderst and Sebastian founded their own label Font Recordings. A new exiting chapter in his whole career as a DJ.
Throughout his career, Sebastian has remained true to his roots, always keeping the focus on the music and the experience it creates. With his percussive, warming, and filling sound, he continues to push boundaries and create an immersive experience for his fans. His dedication and passion for music have earned him a reputation as one of the most talented and exciting DJs in the local electronic music scene today.
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